Banner Haven Live Steam

Banner Haven Builds Garden Railway

Greg and Amy Gardner have brought something new to Banner Elk; a small garden railway modeled after Tweetsie Railroad.

Banner Haven Live Steam

Banner Haven – Li’l Tweetsie Railroad

Some of these great photographs make this “toy” train look as large as the full-size version. In reality, Li’l Tweetsie fits in a small trailer and can be carried to different tracks. The small track at Banner Haven Bed and Breakfast is just enough to get this little guy going and have some fun.

Model railroading has been around as long as full-size railroading and steam engines continue to thrive in basements, attics and back yards across the country.

Li’l Tweetsie was built as a tribute to the #12 Eastern Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railway found at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC. The full size version began service in the late 1800s and ran for more than 50 years, carrying passengers and freight from Tennessee to North Carolina. Today, it hauls passengers through the ever popular Tweetsie Amusement Park.

Tweetsie Banner Haven

Banner Haven’s Li’l Tweetsie Garden Railway

The Banner Haven Railroad will make it’s home at Banner Haven Bed and Breakfast, where guests and visitors will be able to see the miniature train makes its way around the yard.

With the addition of a new grand child, Greg and Amy will have lots of opportunities to step out and “play train” with children, friends, family and neighbors.

Stop by Banner Haven to see Li’l Tweetsie in action.